News updates

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme have announced a range of MCS Standard changes covering both MCS Installer standards and MCS Product standards.

The changes to the standards include:

  • Update to the definitions in all standards to align with a review undertaken by the Standards Management Group
  • Update to section 8 in all installation standards to clarify the requirements of this section
  • A significant update to the heat pump standards to comply with the Energy related Products Directive. We have also attached an email on the heat pump updates which has been sent to installers and manufacturers. This includes further information on the implementation timescales.

All of the documents which have been updated are listed below and are published on the MCS website.

  • MCS 001 – MCS Contractor Certification Requirements
  • MCS 020 – Planning standards
  • MCS 023 – Additional requirements for MCS Contractors to become Green Deal Authorised
  • MIS 3001 – Solar Thermal installation standard
  • MIS 3002 – Solar PV installation standard
  • MIS 3003 – Small and micro wind installation standard
  • MIS 3004 – Biomass installation standard
  • MIS 3005 – Heat pump installation standard
  • MIS 3007 – Heat led micro CHP installation standard
  • MIS 3007-2 – Electricity led micro CHP installation standard
  • MCS 004 – Solar collectors
  • MCS 007 – Heat pumps product standard

To find out more about the standard changes, ensuring you are up to date and the range of Easy MCS support programmes, whether you are an existing MCS Installer or a New MCS Installer, contact the Easy MCS team on Freephone 0808 163 6975, email [email protected] or apply online at