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UK commercial rooftop sector has received a significant boost today after the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) approved so-called ‘lift and shift’ proposals, allowing businesses to take rooftop Solar PV panels with them should they move.

DECC confirmed that from 2019 medium and large installations will be allowed to move without losing feed-in tariff payments. It had previously been the case that accredited installations lost FiT (FiT) support if they were moved, a restriction which many within the industry had felt was holding back the sector.

Lift and shift will only apply to other-than-stand-alone installations greater than 50kW in size and to qualify for the FiT the building’s solar installation must contribute at least 10% of its energy demand.

Any additional capacity added during a company’s move will be treated as an extension to its existing FiT contract, meaning that businesses will not miss out if they look to bolster their installations after moving offices.

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