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Delta-EE, the decentralised energy market consultancy expert, is forecasting that the market for gas 'boiler only' solutions for space heating will decrease by 22% by 2025.

However, Delta-EE is anticipating that the number of low carbon technology units, including ground and air source heat pumps, hybrids and gas heat pumps, will increase to 1.5m unit sales per year in the same period. The residential heating market data comes from the consultancy's research covering the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Delta-EE also anticipates that sales of heat pumps in the UK will increase from around 18,000 units a year now to nearly 50,000 units a year by 2017. Nearly 1.5 million gas boilers are sold each year in the UK, which puts some perspective on the domestic heat pump market here

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