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The Microgeneration Certification Scheme have issued a notice to consumers in anticipation of the Renewable Heat Incentive launch.

The full announcement from MCS is below.

Consumers who have certificates

Consumers who already have a MCS Certificate (also referred to as an MCS Installer Certificate) do not need to re-register with us. The certificate is registered on the database so consumers do not need to contact MCS about it. We suggest you keep the certificate safe as you may need it as part of a future application to claim RHI.

This certificate will have a unique number printed on it in the following format: MCS-123456789-A. Please be aware that this does not mean you are registered for the RHI payments. That process will come later. It will be managed by Ofgem, and is expected to commence in Spring 2014. Details of how to apply will be announced by DECC and Ofgem nearer that time.

Consumers who do not have certificates

We can assure you that you will not need your MCS certificate to claim the RHI until the launch of the scheme.

As notified to installation companies in several letters since mid-July, from 4pm on 22ndOctober 2013, the MCS Installation Database will not allow installers to create certificates for jobs commissioned more than 10 working days in the past. This is consistent with the MCS Installer Standards which have, since August 2010, required the installer to register jobs within 10 working days. Installations since August 2010 not registered within 10 days have been non-compliant with the Standards.

MCS recognises that some consumers who had their installations before August 2010 won’t necessarily have a certificate because before that date the MCS Database was not in place. There will also be consumers since then who have not received a certificate from their installer. The first thing any consumer needing a certificate should do is contact their original installer to request a certificate. This is the most straight-forward approach as the installer company, who knows the installation, should have all the necessary information to register the installation and produce a MCS certificate.

If your installation company is still in operation, you must ask them to register your installation on the database by the 22nd October deadline.

We realise that some installation companies may no longer be trading, may no longer be MCS certified or, for some other reason, are unable to provide the certificate in time.  We are developing a process to deal with that so that no consumers with an MCS installation are unable to apply for the domestic RHI. 

Given such a process is naturally going to be a little more complex, it is important for everyone that we take the time to get it right from the outset. As such we are working towards announcing details of that process in the next few weeks. This process will only apply to those consumers who were unable to get their certificates from their original installer company.

Further information is available on the MCS Website here.

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