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Greg Barker has praised solar’s rapid cost reduction over his time as minister but has warned that government will continue to ‘squeeze subsidy’ in an attempt to drive costs down further.

Greg Barker said: “We have seen a stunning fall in the costs of Solar PV in my time as minister. Down by over 60% in the last three years. And during my time as minister, what a change we’ve seen in the deployment of solar!

“From a very small start in 2010, over a million people now go to sleep at night with a Solar panel on their roof, which bursts into action as soon as the sun rises. Over half a million solar installations are now in place, many other exciting distributed energy technologies are being delivered at real scale.

“But we have only just scratched the surface of the potential for a host of distributed energy technologies.”

The government has committed to boosting the deployment of Solar at a commercial-scale on rooftops around the UK.

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