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Wind TurbinesThe latest analysis from RenewableUK shows that the total number of wind turbines increased by 13 per cent, to 29,353 at the end of 2013, and currently is expected to have exceeded 30,000.

According to RenewableUK, onshore wind turbines are the cheapest form of renewable energy the UK has.

In the latest wave of DECC’s Public Attitudes Tracker, 70 per cent of people said they support the development of onshore wind – the highest ever figure since DECC’s regular opinion polls began in March 2012.

A record-breaking number also support offshore wind, at a new high of 77 per cent. Wave and tidal energy also remains popular at 77 per cent, matching its previous highest levels of support. In contrast, public support for shale gas stands at only 29 per cent.

In the survey, people ranked energy security and climate change jointly as the fourth biggest challenge facing the UK today – only unemployment, inflation and the NHS scored higher in the list.

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