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Renewable Heat Incentive LaunchThe domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has launched today, Wednesday 9th April 2014. Greg Barker MP had previously confirmed the launch of the RHI on Twitter on Tuesday evening, and the launch is in line with DECC announcements of a launch before Easter. The Renewable Heat Incentive will reward homeowners, private landlords and self builders who heat their properties using a Renewable Heat Sources such as a Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers or Solar Thermal systems.

As it currently stands, 47% of all UK energy is used on heat and is responsible for a third of the UK's carbon emissions. The £1.8 billion Renewable Heat Incentive follows on from the success of the non-domestic RHI that launched in November 2011, which provides payments commercial Renewable Heat projects.

Payments will be made quarterly for 7 years, with RHI rates designed to reflect the expected cost of installing and maintaining the technologies. Eligible MCS Installations installed since July 2009 will be eligible to join the RHI. DECC estimates approximately 18,000 households have installed qualifying systems in the past three years.

Speaking following the RHI announcement, Easy RSS Director, Thomas Farquhar said, "Today's announcement is fantastic news for the renewable sector and will be welcomed by installers all over the UK. The Renewable Heat Incentive is the world's first subsidy that pays households who install renewable heat technologies including; Heat Pumps, Biomass and Solar Thermal. Renewable Heat technologies are a clear answer to both the UK's carbon emissions reduction policies and the long term aims of reducing energy bills and improving energy security. The RHI will give huge confidence to homeowners looking to install renewable technologies and support the transition to a low carbon economy".

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The Ofgem website is now live and able to accept applications -

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Renewable Heat Incentive (policy)

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