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Energy bills are expected to rise twice as fast as expected due to inefficient appliances and products in homes. A new report has shown that despite the claim that bills would rise by £64 over the rest of the decade, bills are now expected to increase by a further £63.

MCS have announced that the MCS Heat Pump standards have been issued for consultation.

More than 100,000 jobs are now in the renewable energy sector according to a new report. The 2014 Review study by consultancy PwC and Innova, and published by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), also estimates that £64 billion of investment will be made in the industry by 2020.

Plumb CenterPlumb Center, part of the Wolseley group have announced a partnership with Easy RSS and Easy MCS, the UK's No.1 Renewable Design Software & MCS Certification specialists. The partnership will allow Plumb Center customers to access the state of the art Easy RSS design software and award winning Easy MCS Support programme ensuring their route into the renewable energy sectors is supported at every stage.

MCS have announced that the main MCS Installer Standard, MCS 001 has been put up for consultation.

Renewable Heat Incentive LaunchThe domestic Renewable Heat Incentive has launched today, Wednesday 9th April 2014. Greg Barker MP had previously confirmed the launch of the RHI on Twitter on Tuesday evening, and the launch is in line with DECC announcements of a launch before Easter. The Renewable Heat Incentive will reward homeowners, private landlords and self builders who heat their properties using a Renewable Heat Sources such as a Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers or Solar Thermal systems.

Ed Davey

Ed Davey, the energy and climate change minister, has welcomed the UK Solar industry’s rise to the sixth largest market for Solar in the world.

Greg BarkerGreg Barker MP has confirmed that the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive will launch on Wednesday 9th April 2014, well before easter as planned.